Xbox Launches New ‘Greaseproof’ Controllers To Celebrate Full Release Of ‘PUBG’

Xbox Launches New ‘Greaseproof’ Controllers To Celebrate Full Release Of ‘PUBG’

Finally an answer to the eat-before-gaming dilemma – Xbox has released a limited edition ‘greaseproof’ controller.

We’ve all been there, you’ve sat down for your tea – maybe some fried chicken or some other type of finger food – and once you’re done, you’ve gone back to your gaming lair to resume activities.

Normally you think to yourself, ‘a bit of grease is no big deal’, and play on without worry.

But then minutes, hours, maybe days later, when you pick that controller back up, you find that all of a sudden it’s become slimy and slippery in your hands.

You might have even predicted this being a problem and washed your hands after eating. But unless you’ve been surgically rigorous with your hand-washing, there’s still a strong chance you will have fallen victim to the slime.

And it’s one of those things that will not just fix itself – you let that sit and accumulate, and you end up with what is essentially a whole fried breakfast smeared all over your controller.

Credit: Xbox Australia
Credit: Xbox Australia

It’s one of those nuanced yet ridiculously relatable problems that you only ever know you have in the moment that you’re having it. You live with it, you move on and you don’t think about it again until it happens again or one of your mates brings it up.

Well, Xbox Australia – king of weird merch, having previously released products like the Xbox onesie and the pop-up gaming hotel – has got your back.

In celebration of the full release of PUBG (‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’), after an extended period in Xbox Game Preview, Xbox have released its very own PUBG ‘greaseproof’ controllers.

Xbox said: “It’s time to say goodbye to the greasy fingers of yesterday and hello to the sweet victory of tomorrow: no longer will chicken dinners slip through a player’s fingers, as Xbox Australia has created the limited edition PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Greaseproof Controller!

“Created to celebrate the graduation of the game from Xbox Game Preview to full release (out now) and as a nod to the fan favourite ‘WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!’ phrase, the controller features a patented coating that is resistant to chicken grease – assisting players in their fight for elusive, yet tasty, chicken dinner victories.”

Credit: Xbox Australia
Credit: Xbox Australia

There you have it. Now you’ve got the chance to get your hands on a chicken dinner-proof controller so you can win as many of the famed in-game chicken dinners as you like – the reward for becoming the last man standing in the free-for-all game.

The only annoying catch is that they’re extremely rare and you won’t be able to find them in stores.

Only 200 have been made and distributed across the globe. In Australia, only 10 will be distributed and to get hold of one you’ll have to head to the Xbox Facebook page.

It’s thought that other countries will follow suit, but with it being so rare there’s a strong chance you’ll be letting these greaseproof controllers slip through your grasp.

Featured Image Credit: Xbox Australia

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