Wildlife Centre Will Name A Salmon After Your Ex, Then Feed It To Bears

Wildlife Centre Will Name A Salmon After Your Ex, Then Feed It To Bears

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow – not that every Tom, Dick and Harry haven’t made this abundantly clear already. I went to the supermarket yesterday, only to be greeted with what felt like a sea of red roses… not that I’m bitter about it, of course.

Which brings me nicely on to singletons, and especially those with an axe to grind about their romantic experiences that just didn’t work out. Because if anyone understands where they’re coming from, it’s this Oregon-based rehabilitation and education centre, which is allowing people to use their 1000-pound brown bears to tear into their exes.

Not literally, of course – what they’re really doing is letting you name a salmon which will be served for dinner to ursine pals Kodi and Yak. In return for this service, you pay a $20 donation, which is money well spent if you ask me.

Many people are tagging their pals in encouragement, while others are actually buying their mates a salmon, and naturally there are others still who think it’s downright wrong.

Someone commented on the post saying: “I think this is a pathetic and horrendous way to create donations and resolve negative feelings about another human in our lives.”

To which another hit back: “Yeah but it beats burning their house down which has been known to happen.” Hmm, they might have a point there.

A third person added: “It helps the animals, it helps the person trying to release negative feelings – seems like a very win-win situation, since it harms no one.”

Do you feel satisfied looking at this? Imagine how good it'll feel with your exes name on... Credit: Flickr/Christoph Strässler
Do you feel satisfied looking at this? Imagine how good it’ll feel with your exes name on… Credit: Flickr/Christoph Strässler

If a salmon just isn’t doing it for you, maybe a cockroach will? You can now name one of the horrible bugs after your ex for £1.50. What a bargain – nothing says ‘we’re going to be together again some day’ quite like it.

The campaign is being run by Hemsley Conservation Centre in Kent, UK, and all proceeds will help to fund projects at the zoo.

If that isn’t working either, maybe we can tempt you with a snake? All you have to do is fill out a form for Wild Life Sydney Zoo, explaining why your ex is the ultimate snake, and the zoo will decide who will slither to the top of the leader-board to bestow a name upon the reptile in question.

Entry closes today when it comes to naming your ex after a snake, though, so do hurry.

Featured Image Credit: Christoph Strässler (Creative Commons)

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