Wanted Man Flees Police Via Homemade Tunnel Under Floorboards


A wanted man took police in Leeds by surprise when he managed to flee via a rather unique ‘DIY escape route’ through the floorboards.

Rather than hopping over the back garden fence like most people do in films, this person decided to shun convention by using a specially-created hole in the floor – giving a whole new meaning to the term ‘bolt hole’, as West Yorkshire Police joked.

On Saturday 13 April, West Yorkshire Police tweeted to say the bloke had refused to answer the door, and instead of opening up had decided to scarper vertically.

“Bolt hole that’s one way to do it,” they tweeted.

“Wanted male who refused to answer the door then dropped into his DIY escape route.

“1-0 to him but we will arrange a rematch soon.”

In a later tweet, West Yorkshire Police explained that the hole led to a neighbour’s house, and said the man had also installed a metal swing bar to reinforce the door, in turn giving him ‘more time’ to escape.

Twitter users pondered how on Earth the fella managed to fit down the tiny hole, with one person asking: “How did he fit through the gap?”

Another wrote: “How skinny is this guy?”

West Yorkshire Police simply responded: “Very!!”

In the end, officers were unable to catch the person after he disappeared under the floorboards, with West Yorkshire Police saying it was sadly ‘one-nil’ to the wanted man.

“The hunt continues, can’t win every time,” West Yorkshire Police said.

I mean, it certainly shows a good bit of thinking outside the box… Or, erm, under the floorboards.

Featured Image Credit: West Yorkshire Police/Twitter

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