Viewers Accuse ITV’s ‘The Chase’ Of Fixing The Show For The Chaser To Win

Viewers Accuse ITV’s ‘The Chase’ Of Fixing The Show For The Chaser To Win

It’s clearly not The Chase‘s year – yet again the ITV game show is facing allegations of being ‘fixed’. Not for the first time, some viewers became seriously angry after claiming the chaser won despite running out of time.

Credit: ITV/The Chase
Credit: ITV/The Chase

On the Sunday night show the three hopeful contestants, Patrica, Marian and Graham had racked up the impressive prize fun of £30,000 – they would’ve walked away with a cool ten grand each, but only if the chaser, Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett, failed to answer his 21 questions correctly in two minutes.

The intense stand-off came down to The Beast needing to get two questions right with only six seconds to do so.

And the tension got hotter as Bradley Walsh, the show’s presenter, started asking the chaser’s final question – but in the heat of the moment, The Beast cut Bradley off mid-sentence to give his answer.

The Beast gave the correct answer, though it was certainly up for debate whether he did so before the clock ran to zero.

Many fans of the show took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the outcome – and there were a lot of unhappy campers.

On person tweeted: “The chase is a fucking fix and a half. Clearly didn’t get that in on time. @ITV.”

Another said: “OMG the contestants on the Chase won that money, fix.”

While a third person commented: “#thechase if that was the chasers then they wouldn’t of allowed it he didn’t get the full answer out before 0.”

It seems viewers weren’t alone as even The Beast said to the contestants: “You didn’t deserve to lose. I’m really sorry guys, you were superb.”

Unfortunately for the ITV game show, it’s not the first times it’s been at the mercy of ‘fix’ allegations – back in September, Bradley Walsh was accused of ‘speeding up’ his question for the chaser.

Credit: ITV/The Chase
Credit: ITV/The Chase

Again, this tale also included The Beast, who had two minutes to give 17 correct answers – which he did. But it didn’t take long for eagle-eyed viewers to spot Bradley had gone a bit quicker on one question.

One commented: “If Bradley Walsh read the questions to the contestants as fast as he does to the chaser, maybe more teams would win #TheChase.”

Another wrote: “Bradley read those questions so fast for the chaser that you almost couldn’t hear them! And he didn’t give the team enough time to answer the push backs…come on Brad, consistency please!!”

Back in March the show was accused of prolonging that last one second on the clock for the chaser’s questions.

But despite the flow of accusations, it seems people will still carry on watching the show right until the nail-biting, frustrating end – as one person said confidently on Twitter: “The chase is the biggest fix in the world, I fucking hate it, and yes I will continue to watch it every evening and complain.”

Maybe that’s it, we all just want to have a good moan about things.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/The Chase

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