There Is A Parody Of The Lego Movie On Pornhub And It’s Disturbing

There Is A Parody Of The Lego Movie On Pornhub And It’s Disturbing

Often, if there is enough demand, there is supply. The people get what the people want.

But sometimes, things crop up without anybody ever asking for it. Introducing, The LEGO Movie porn parody – The Laygo Movie.

That’s right, if you thought the original was good, but just lacking loads of sex, then this could be for you.

The film has been made by Pornhub and WoodRocket (wonder what they do eh?) and is available to watch for free now on the former, with a longer version exclusively available on Pornhub Premium.

The parody has, quote: “So much brick-sucking and block-stuffing that you may question what the brick the folks at WoodRocket and Pornhub were thinking.”

Well, that at least we can all agree on.

But if all this talk of brick-sucking and block-stuffing has got you feeling all hot under the collar, here’s a slightly longer summary of what exactly goes down in this LEGO-inspired porno:

“Nobody thinks Rammit is special. Even Wildpiehole has her doubts… until she gets a load of his big yellow pants-brick. It is the Penis of Resistance. Now it’s up to them to go Fifty Shades of Yellow before it is too late!”

No doubt the promise of a free-to-view ‘big yellow pants-brick’ has had you darting over to a new tab – keen to acquaint yourself with Rammit and Wildpiehole – so I’m basically just talking to myself now.

After all, who could say no to the ‘Penis of Resistance’?

In the supposedly safe for work trailer – which opens with a song that goes ‘cover everything in hot cum, my dick is brick number 4733’ – we are introduced to Rammit and Wildpiehole.

To be honest, the whole thing is if anything even weirder than you might expect. Wildpiehole says ‘Dicksburgh has become a post-ablockalyptic lanscape’ and ‘your pants Kragle is making my hinge tile tingle’, plus we get a blurred glimpse at Rammit’s yellow lob on.

A blurred glimpse of 'The Penis of Resistance' from 'The Laygo Movie' trailer. Credit: Pornhub/WoodRocket
A blurred glimpse of ‘The Penis of Resistance’ from ‘The Laygo Movie’ trailer. Credit: Pornhub/WoodRocket

The film stars Gabriella Paltrova & Donnie Rock, and was directed by April O’Neil, Vuko, and Lee Roy Myers – because clearly three minds were needed to oversee such a deeply important production.

So if you’re still here, get yourself over to Pornhub; just to watch it with a sense of curiosity and irony, of course.

Then sign up for Pornhub Premium, so you can watch the longer version… again, just for a laugh, obviously.

Featured Image Credit: Pornhub/WoodRocket

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