Sydney Man Planning To Sue Woman Who Falsely Accused Him Of Indecent Assault For $1 Million


A Sydney man who was falsely accused of indecently assaulting a young woman after getting into car trouble is planning on suing her for $1 million, according to 7 News.

Kenan Basic pulled over to help the then 19-year-old woman near Bankstown last November after he saw she was struggling with her car.

The married father spent two hours with the teenager, according to the Daily Mail, helping her get her car back up and running. After all the repairs were done, he followed her with his car for a short while to ensure she didn’t break down again but once she seemed fine he took off.

But Caitlyn Gray accused him of propositioning her for sex twice in exchange for helping her as well as touching her breasts and genitals. When she pulled her car over after the repairs she also claimed Mr Basic tried to rip open her car door.

The teenager was on the phone to her boyfriend during the ‘ordeal’, getting him to ring the police while she yelled out his registration plate.

However she eventually confessed to police that her claims were all a lie. Detectives dropped all charged against Mr Basic, however his life had already been turned upside down.

He was in prison for two weeks and has since lost his job as well as his marriage due to the now fake accusations.

Now, Mr Basic is looking to claw back a bit of his life by launching a lawsuit against Gray.

Mr Basic was understandably devastated by the charges. Credit: 9 News
Mr Basic was understandably devastated by the charges. Credit: 9 News

She appeared in court yesterday, charged with contempt of court, fabricating evidence and lying to police.

The police facts are pretty damning: “Investigators suggest if it wasn’t for the actions of investigators in identifying and viewing the CCTV footage which clearly depicts the lies by Gray, that there would have been a strong likelihood that Mr Basic would have remained bail refused until the completion of this matter as well as the strong likelihood that Mr Basic would have been convicted and faced a term of imprisonment as a result of his conviction.”

Imagine that.

Mr Basic will be back in court next month to fight for his legal fees. He added that the whole experience has left him never wanting to help someone in distress again.

“I always help people you know, all my life, and this is the first time the snake bite me,” he told local news.

Featured Image Credit: 7 News

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