Speculation Over New Simpsons Game As Writers Meet At Convention


It’s been more than a decade since fans got the chance to play a new Simpsons video game, which, considering the pace with which they have been brought out in the past, is quite some time.

But, if reports are true, the wait could almost be over, with Simpsons bosses understood to be attending the E3 gaming conference next month.

Host of The Game Awards Geoff Keighley and the Entertainment Software Association confirmed the news that writers and producers of the iconic cartoon would be speaking at a special E3 Coliseum 2019 panel.

With the platform historically used to showcase gameplay demos, as well as interviews with developers and writers of upcoming releases, rumours are now growing that there be another Simpsons game on the horizon.

Now, that’s pretty much all that is known so far. And with no confirmation of anything in the works up until now, it’s difficult to know for sure whether this means there will be a sequel to one of their previous releases, such as Road Rage or Wrestling, or a new game all together.

There with the last game for PC or console being released in 2007, reports suggest that if there is going to be any announcement it will most likely be regarding for mobile. So try not to get your hopes up too high.

However, one thing is for sure, the news has got fans very excited and they have been pretty vocal about what the direction they want developers to take.

Writers and producers of the iconic cartoon are set to speak at a gaming conference next month. Credit: Fox
Writers and producers of the iconic cartoon are set to speak at a gaming conference next month. Credit: Fox

Commenting on the Twitter post, one person said: “If this is Simpsons Hit and Run 2 then Disney is already doing justice to Fox! Lol in all seriousness if it’s Hit and Run 2 I’m preordering it day 1 of allowing us to pre order.”

A second wrote: “Revive Simpsons Hit and Run! Make a new one with new characters and locations……even its a console exclusive….I would buy whatever system it was on.”

A third follower put: “Fingers crossed for The Simpsons battle royale we’ve all been waiting for.”

While another added: “Give us a Simpsons hit and run 2 with all of Springfield in on Map.”

With the conference set to take place in Los Angeles from 11 June, fans of the cartoon don’t have too long left to wait to find out what developers have in store.

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