Prepare To Be Outraged As Bruce Willis Says ‘Die Hard Isn’t A Christmas Movie’

Prepare To Be Outraged As Bruce Willis Says ‘Die Hard Isn’t A Christmas Movie’

The old saying goes, ‘there are two types of people in the world: those who think Die Hard is a Christmas movie and those who are wrong’. Well, now it looks like you’ll have to say that to Bruce Willis’ face after the star confirmed that, in his opinion, it is not a Christmas movie. And who would know better than John bloody McClane?

For many of us, it isn’t truly Chrismtas until we see Hans Gruber plummet to his death, it’s like a sort of violent version of seeing the Coca-Cola truck or the John Lewis ad, however, at The Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis the actor ended the show by declaring ‘Die Hard is not a Christmas movie’, before busting out a harmonica solo, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

I seriously hope this is Willis’ way of roasting the audience and not his actual beliefs. When asked afterwards how he thought his comment would go down with fans who are in camp #DieHardIsAChristmasMovie he simply said: “We’ll see.” We will indeed, mate.


The whole is it or isn’t it a Christmas debate rears its head every year without fail – with some fans claiming that because it is set on Christmas eve and there’s a fair few Santa hats throughout then it’s a bona fide festive flick; others point out that all the murder isn’t particularly Christmassy and that Christmas isn’t a main feature of the film. Also, the movie wasn’t released in December, it hit US cinemas in July and landed in the UK in February.

So, is it or isn’t it?

Well, despite what Willis said the movie’s screenwriter Steven E. de Souza seems to reckon it is.

When asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper (on Christmas eve of all days) whether or not he thought it was a Christmas film, de Souza replied “Yes, because the studio rejected the Purim draft #DieHardIsAChristmasMovie” Adding: “Plus a woman about to give birth features prominently.”

That hashtag pops up every December as fans argue amongst themselves whether it is or it isn’t. Whatever de Souza or Willis say, I am still going to class it as a Christmas movie, how about you guys?

The Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis airs on Comedy Central on 29 July.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

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