Police Officers Save A Kangaroo From Drowning In The Sea

Police Officers Save A Kangaroo From Drowning In The Sea

Following the brave efforts from Australian police officers, one kangaroo was given a second chance at life after almost drowning in the sea.

Onlookers caught the moment Sergeants Christopher Russo and Kirby Tonkin went into the water and pulled out the poor roo – they then proceeded to give it CPR to revive him.

The marsupial had been spotted hopping into the water and having a small swim before popping back onto the beach.

Local resident Mia Grant told Australian media: “I saw him swimming and started filming but he suddenly got caught in the backwash of the waves so we got him out and waited for police.”

The kangaroo eventually got spooked and hopped back into the water, this time its swim would be less successful than before as it eventually got caught in the surf and dragged under by the waves. Rosebud Police officers then sprang into action to save the unlikely victim.

Without a moment’s hesitation, the two jumped in after the drowning roo, swimming out to meet him. They were eventually able to get hold of him and drag him back to shore.

Credit: Victoria Police
Credit: Victoria Police

The video shows the pair hauling the creature from the water and wrapping him in blankets – they eventually had to get him to a grassy area where they could perform chest compressions that successfully revived him.

After the ordeal the kangaroo was taken to Rosebud police station where he was checked over by a vet before being taken in and cared for by a local wildlife centre.

A spokesperson for Victoria Police said: “The roo is currently being cared for but is said to be in good spirits and lucky to be alive given the amount of salt water he inhaled, thanks to his rescuers.”

Credit: Victoria Police
Credit: Victoria Police

Before the roo had his swimming ordeal, Mia Grant posted on Facebook that he’d nearly been hit by a bus earlier in the day.

She documented the whole ordeal, never once leaving the kangaroo’s side in order to ensure its safety and survival.

Well it seems the creature had quite the adventure – but he probably won’t be going for a swim in the Aussie waters again any time soon.

Featured Image Credit: Victoria Police

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