People Are Absolutely Roasting Scott Morrison After He Did Borat’s Voice In Parliament


Politicians have the difficult task of running the country and trying to keep everyone happy.

There are moments where they try to appeal to the wider public using pop culture references, which sometimes works and other times it most certainly does not.

That couldn’t be more true than when Prime Minister Scott Morrison got up in Parliament yesterday and put on a Borat voice while criticising a Labor policy.

During Question Time, Mr Morrison said: “They want carbon credits from Kazakhstan. That is the policy of forcing businesses to shell out $36 billion that they could spend on increasing wages, they could spend on creating jobs, investing in businesses.

“But no, the Labour Party wants $36 billion to go to foreign carbon traders.

“In Kazakhstan, I am sure they are pleased about this. They are thrilled about this. Some may call this is a carbon tax. I call it the Borat tax, with carbon credits for Kazakhstan.

“I know what Borat would think of the Labor Party’s thoughts on carbon trading policies. Very nice, very niiiiiiice!”

Once the Borat impression was complete, cheers and laughter erupted from the Liberal side of the room – clearly chuffed with the savage burn against the Opposition.

But people on social media certainly weren’t happy about it.

One person wrote: “I can’t wait for the day he manages an Australian Prime Minister impression. Sadly I think it’s now too late.”

Another added: “I’ve genuinely never been more embarrassed to be Australian.”

A third said: “Literally nobody saw this and said, ‘Good one Scotty, you nailed it’.”

It’s just as cringeworthy as the Prime Minister’s weird video from last year where he used Fatman Scoop’s ‘Be Faithful’ over the top of footage of Liberal members raising their hands.

It was deleted after a pretty severe backlash.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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