Nutrition Expert Says We Should All Only Have Six Chips In One Sitting

Nutrition Expert Says We Should All Only Have Six Chips In One Sitting

Darth Vader. Lord Voldemort. Dr Evil. What do these guys have in common? That’s right – they’re all villainous spreaders of hate.

Well, get ready to add another one to the list, as a professor has come up with a hypothesis suggesting we should only eat six chips in one sitting. Six!? SIX!? That’s barely even half a potato.

In all seriousness though, Professor Eric Rimm from Harvard University’s nutrition department isn’t a nasty villain, but his research will likely anger the chip-loving population, which consists of basically everyone on the planet.

The nutrition expert described chips as ‘starch bombs’ (has he heard of a chip buttie?) and we should limit ourselves to six in a serving if we want to avoid heart disease.

Speaking to the New York Times, he commented: “I think it would be nice if your meal came with a side salad and six French fries.”

Nice!? That’s not the word we’d use to describe it.

See? Everyone loves chips. Credit: PA
See? Everyone loves chips. Credit: PA

Of course, it’s nice that this dude is looking out for our health, but surely at this point we know chips aren’t great for us. The humble potato is one of the lowest ranking vegetables in terms of nutrients and when you take away the skin, cover and fry it in oil, and then lather it in ketchup or curry sauce, you’ve basically got a heart palpitation on a plate.

BUT they are delicious and perhaps the question should be regarding quality, not quantity. As the report pointed out, Rimm’s curious idea follows research that suggested that those who avoid chips entirely live six months longer on average, and that people who eat chips two or three times a week had higher risks of diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease.

So maybe just cutting down the amount of times we eat chips rather than torturing ourselves three to four times a week with a plate of disappointment is a more solid idea.

Twitter has the right idea:


As you’d predict, the other comments are equally as salty – turns out the Internet is pretty pissed at Rimm and his six-chip suggestion.

The people have spoken. Better luck next time, Rimm.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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