Nurse Goes Viral After Sharing Pay Slip Online

Nurse Goes Viral After Sharing Pay Slip Online

A nurse has gone viral after she shared a snap of her pay slip online, with many people saying they’re ‘shocked’ she earns so little.

Taking to Twitter Joanna Hickey, from Ireland, posted her pay slip for a fortnight’s work, amounting to €1,120.80 (£1000.24).

She shared the picture as an ongoing dispute over salaries between the government and the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation’s (INMO) rumbles on, RSVP Live reports.

Joanna, who says she supports a strike planned for the end of the month, posted:

She then posted a series of tweets in which she described her responsibilities and skills within the job.

Writing: “My role includes ability to mind complex traumatic brain injuries/ severe sepsis and unstable hemodynamic patients/continuous dialysis/know how set up and use multiple ventilators and high flow oxygen delivery systems/assess ABG’s and change ventilation settings inc. ARDS patients.

“Respiratory chest physio outside of normal hours/weekend and night time pharmacy access as no pharmacist during these hours/ward clerk/help families and deal with social services/be a clinical nutritionist and start appropriate feeding outside normal hours as no CN at weekends.

Recognise the deteriorating patient and act rapid and appropriately/inter-hospital transfer and competently use mobile ICU equipment/intra- hospital transfer & accompany patients from different ICU’s nationwide/ educate & train new staff/ teach undergraduate nurses/liase with MDT.

“Continuous education, personal development and be up to date with latest research regarding patient management/competent with ECG reading/competent multiple transfusion usage/ability to prone or log roll patient using correct manual handling…

“And the rest…I am tired.”

I mean, fair play to her, I’m tired just from reading that list.

She went on to add that she takes three hours parental leave a week, because ‘working 39 hours (more like 45 hours a week with hand-over and patient complexity)’ was too hard alongside being a mum.

“I now do a 36 hour-week,” she continued. “I start at 7.45am and usually get out 20.45pm. So, no personal time off,”.

After sharing the post Joanna was flooded with comments from people who said they were shocked at what she earns.

One wrote: “I’m not being offensive, but that’s shocking. Net salary is €2,427 per calendar month/€560 per week. This, for a highly qualified staff nurse near the top of the salary scale. Not surprised there are issues attracting and retaining nurses.”

Another added: “You’re very brave to post your wage slip. Shame on our society that our medical experts at the top echelon of their profession are marginally above the basic wage after tax!”

The 24-hour strike is planned to go ahead on 30 January, with members of the INMO refusing to work over low-wage and staff-retention issues.

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