Netflix Fans Left Shaken By Disturbing Sci-Fi Chiller I Am Mother


People have been left ‘shook’, ‘disturbed’ and ‘fucked’ by Netflix’s new sci-fi film I Am Mother, which is already in this week’s Top 10 films.

Ranked at second place, just behind Spider-Man: Homecoming, the Netflix original follows the tale of a teenage girl – aptly named ‘Daughter’ – who is raised by a robot who is funnily enough called ‘Mother’.

Mother is attempting to repopulate planet Earth, armed with 630,000 frozen embryos, after mankind became extinct. She’s acting as an actual mother as well believe it or not – think Wall-E meets Matilda.

Then a woman, called ‘Woman’ played by Hilary Swank, rocks up to the underground bunker with ‘alarming news’… dun dun duuuun.

Mother, voiced by Rose Byrne, and Daughter, Clara Rugaard, have their relationship tested when it comes to Mother’s intentions and what she has told Daughter about the outside world.

Mother and Daughter in the film I Am Mother. Credit: Netflix
Mother and Daughter in the film I Am Mother. Credit: Netflix

People have already taken to Twitter sharing their thoughts on the film which was released on 7 June.

One said: “Well thanks Netflix for recommending some really fucked up shit on a Friday night #IAmMother”.

Another added: “#Limitless has been my favourite movie for years, the idea of a super drug akin to my ADHD medication intrigued me
But after seeing @netflix’s #IAmMother, I am speechless, all the philosophical aspects that went into it, the way it shows the problems with artificial intelligence.”

People have now been calling for a second installation of the film, with one fan saying: “I hope there’s a second film to #IAmMother after that ending! I need to know more arrrrrghhhhh!!!”

Another added: “Hey @NetflixUK

Hurry up and order a prequel and a sequel. Thanks. #IAmMother”.

We’re sold. There’s another to add to the ‘watch list’.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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