Man’s High-Pitched Prank Phone Call Voice Leaves Jeremy Kyle Truly Baffled

Man’s High-Pitched Prank Phone Call Voice Leaves Jeremy Kyle Truly Baffled

We’ve all seen The Jeremy Kyle Show at one time or another. It’s ok, you can admit it, we’ve all been there. That poor guy has seen some pretty weird shit from people who are more than happy to air their personal problems.

Like the twins that were both stealing from their stepmother but claimed they were innocent (even though they used to steal from their gran). Or the bloke who denied he was the father to his ex-girlfriend’s child – because the baby had red hair.

Now there’s a new kid on the block. Well, technically a man, actually – a man who pranks schools pretending to be a child in his spare time. We wish we were joking.

The bloke in question, Stuart, has been in a relationship with a lady called Bernadette for 14 years. He is now being accused of prank calling his father-in-law, Alan, telling him he’s not Bernadette’s real father… stay with us on this one.

Let’s just remember what Stuart gets up to in his downtime. Unsurprisingly, things on the show got pretty serious pretty quickly.

Credit: ITV/ The Jeremy Kyle Show
Credit: ITV/ The Jeremy Kyle Show

Jezza asked Stuart: “Have you been making prank phone calls?” The baffled presenter seemed to expect an answer along the lines of ‘of course not, Jeremy’.

But he got a shock when Stuart brazenly answered: “Yeah.”

“Not to him,” he added, gesturing towards Alan. “That’s my mate that does it, pretending he’s a copper. I ring up schools. A geezer with a high-pitched voice pretending to be a kid.”

Jeremy probed further, asking what we were all thinking: “Why do you do that?!”

Stuart replied: “Because it’s fun.”

Credit: ITV/ The Jeremy Kyle Show
Credit: ITV/ The Jeremy Kyle Show

Going out for a pint is fun, mate. Or going to the zoo, playing a competitive sport… I mean, it’s not my place to judge but maybe you should just generally consider getting out more, maybe?

Stuart decided to pull an impression out of the bag, saying: “Hello, I won’t be coming in today. My mum’s too lazy to get me to school.”

And this guy has been in a relationship for 14 years? What is going on with the world?


Later, Stuart said he didn’t prank call his father-in-law, Alan. Or at least, he ‘couldn’t remember’ if he had done. “It wouldn’t have been a couple of weeks ago,” he added, helpfully.

A lie detector test proved that Stuart, a full time carer, was telling the truth – he genuinely didn’t know who was ringing Alan. It’s not quite a case of justice prevails, but it’s a conclusion, I suppose.

A DNA test was also carried out – of course it was; it’s The Jeremy Kyle Show – and that came back positive. So basically, Alan is Bernadette’s dad, Stuart hasn’t been prank calling Alan telling him otherwise (or can’t remember if he has, at least), and all is well in the world. Sort of.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/The Jeremy Kyle Show

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