Madeleine McCann Cop Explains Theory That Her Body Was Stored In Freezer For 25 Days


Another strange theory has emerged about the Madeleine McCann investigation, with one police officer suggesting that her ‘killer’ stored her body in a freezer for 25 days.

The outlandish claim is something that has been circulating on the internet for years in conspiracy theory groups, and is based on some quite sketchy evidence that involves the use of sniffer dogs.

Officer Goncalo Amaral was removed from the case after 6 months. Credit: Netflix
Officer Goncalo Amaral was removed from the case after 6 months. Credit: Netflix

In the documentary, we see trained dogs supposedly sniff out the scent of blood and ‘cadavers’, which they then appear to do in the boot a rental car hired about by Gerry and Kate McCann 25 days after Maddie disappeared. They also seem to do the same in the apartment that Maddie was sleeping in before she went missing.

However, even by the admission of the owners and trainers, the dogs are only used as a way to find leads for detectives to chase up actual forensics, and should not be used as physical evidence in any investigation.

There was also DNA found in the back of the car, which as the documentary and other detectives confirm, can not be taken as evidence as it is not even 80% certain to be a match to Maddy’s.

In a series of accusations, he also suggests that MI5 covered up the disappearance of the three-year-old girl, and that her parents were legitimate suspects in the case, which has been ongoing since she went missing in May 2007.

According to the McCanns, Maddy and her twin siblings were asleep in their hotel room on the night they went missing, whilst the parents dined out with their friends in a nearby tapas restaurant. Reportedly, they went to check on the kids regularly, but when Kate went to check on them at around 10pm, Maddy was gone.

The officer in question, Portuguese cop Goncalo Amaral, has actually implicated the parents as suspects for a lot of the investigation.

Theories have been circulating for years. Credit: PA
Theories have been circulating for years. Credit: PA

Although the sniffer dog and DNA evidence was widely discredited, Amaral told producers of the Netflix documentary: “Talking about the DNA traces found in the car, let me tell you this. It’s important to recognise it as a indication of the possibility that something was transported there.

“The body may have been hidden in some sort of freezer somewhere and been transported later in the boot of the car and bodily fluids may have dropped from the corpse.

“The freezer hypothesis originates from the circumstances. The car was rented many days after the disappearance and the possible death of the child.

“As to what happened to the body before that, whether it was decomposed, if it was buried, frozen, probably the most correct conclusion is that it was kept in a place where it could be preserved in the cold.”

Amaral was removed from the case just six months after Madeleine went missing due to a series of failures.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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