Little Boy Parties Alone After No One Shows Up To His Birthday Bash

Little Boy Parties Alone After No One Shows Up To His Birthday Bash

We all share that universal fear that no one will come to our party, meaning that the hour or so before kick-off usually just involves you pacing up and down the room, feeling like a big bag of nerves.


But even if there are some no-shows, many of us are able to soldier on and have a good time. Normally things turn out okay.

However, one mum has gone viral after sharing a devastating photo from her six-year-old’s birthday party, where things didn’t turn out okay – because literally no one came.

In the photo shared by Sil Mazzini, her son Teddy is sat alone at a table at their local Peter Piper Pizza in Tucson, Arizona, waiting patiently for the guests that never arrived.

Credit: Sil Mazzini
Credit: Sil Mazzini

Mazzini had invited 30 of his classmates, and had the pizza and goodie bags all ready for ‘em. But when no one rocked up, she took a photo of her son sitting alone and sent it to reporter Nick Vin Zant, who subsequently shared the image on his own Facebook page.

It didn’t take long for social media users to rally and show their support for the young kid – with Mazzini commenting to say that she had been showing him all of the messages.

“He is already smiling!” she wrote.

Not everyone felt Mazzini’s move was the right one, with some suggesting that sharing the photo online could be humiliating for Teddy.

“Quick! Someone call the news, let’s embarrass this kid even more than he already is,” one person wrote on Facebook.

They added: “Good lord. This is so wrong.”

But many others had nothing but love for Teddy – including the Phoenix Suns, who offered him and his family tickets to their game against the Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday.

Football club Phoenix Rising then invited Teddy to join ‘7,000 of his closest friends’ at a play-off game on Friday, with a spokesman for the team telling KNXV that some fans had reached out with ideas on how they could surprise the boy.

The marketing coordinator for Peter Piper Pizza, Jennifer Krebs, also told Tucson News Now that the restaurant would be bringing the party to Teddy’s school – complete with a mascot, balloons, cake, presents and pizza.

Looks like you’ve definitely got the last laugh with this one, pal.

Featured Image Credit: Sil Mazzini

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