Liam Gallagher Reaches Out To Noel For ‘Oasis Reunion’

Liam Gallagher Reaches Out To Noel For ‘Oasis Reunion’

I’ve checked the date and it’s not 1 April, so this tweet from Liam Gallagher to his brother Noel asking for an Oasis reunion must be legit:

The very public attempt at extending an olive branch to his older brother, is completely at odds with what the Oasis front man said in an interview with the Daily Star last month.

“I think Oasis is over, it’s sad but that’s the way it is,” he said.

“At the moment, I don’t want to be nowhere near that guy, because he’s not the guy that was in Oasis, I’m still the same guy that was in Oasis. He’s a bit pompous and a bit of a snob.

“We were a naughty band that liked having a laugh, he seems to be hanging about with, like, the Queen these days. I actually don’t think Oasis would have him, let alone him have Oasis.”

Before going on Noel for his bizarre set on TV earlier this year, which contained a woman ‘playing the scissors’. Why wasn’t that an instrument when I was at school? I could have smashed that, and it would have been a welcome change from the bloody triangle.

Anyway, I digress…Liam went on to tell the newspaper that the chance of a reunion lies squarely with Noel.

When asked if there was a future for the band, he replied: “Ask the little man, he’s the one with the power, or so he fucking likes to think.”

So, I guess it’s over to you Noel, come on, please. We’ve had enough disappointment for one year, mate. But given that Noel doesn’t even follow his brother on Twitter it might be time Liam picked up the phone, or even considered bringing out the big guns and getting their mam involved.

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