Let Your Boss Know It’s ‘National 4pm Finish’ Day At Work Tomorrow

Let Your Boss Know It’s ‘National 4pm Finish’ Day At Work Tomorrow

Now some people might have it all when it comes to work: nice shiny new offices, games rooms, weekly yoga, pizza on Thursday. But what we all really want, more than pretty much anything else, is an early finish.

Yep, just a little early dart. That’s it, not asking for much are we?

Well, tomorrow might just be your chance. Not only is it Friday – which will undoubtedly put a smile on your face anyway – but it’s also ‘National 4pm Finish Day’. We’re not even joking.

The weekend just got a hell of a lot closer, didn’t it?

If for some reason you don’t think you qualify for this treat then ask yourself this: how many times do you answer a call out of work hours? Reply to an email on the train? Stay half an hour late? Oh boy, do you deserve it.

The face of someone who knows it's 'National 4pm Finish Day'. Credit: PA
The face of someone who knows it’s ‘National 4pm Finish Day’. Credit: PA

According to the Mirror, the brains behind the scheme is Red Bull, who devised it to promote productivity and smarter working, rather than long, exhausting hours.

The brand says an early finish not only benefits the workers, but employers too. So maybe mention that to your boss in case they need some convincing.

A spokesperson from Red Bull told the Mirror: “We know you work hard. You put the hours in to get the job done.

“That’s why we want you to be more productive at work through the week so on Friday, September 14th 2018, you can finish early and do the things you love most.”

It’s all about getting stuff done early doors so you can clock out nice and early. But I’m not your boss, so if you’re going to do pretty much nothing and still finish at 4pm, then you’ll find no judgement here – the main thing is you get out of there at 4pm.

So log off/cash up/walk off the stage/put down the clippers/whatever the hell you do the finish the day. I don’t know what you do. Just open that door and carry on walking. Head down. Eyes on the prize. You’re out.

To the pub you go. We’ll meet you there.

Oh, and don’t blame us if you get the boot. After all, we’re here to inform and inform only.

Maybe bring it up with your manager in tomorrow’s morning meeting, where they’ll have to say no in front of a whole room of people – meaning that maybe, just maybe, they’ll feel peer-pressured to say YES

Featured Image Credit: PA

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