Holly Willoughby Wears Shoes During Sex For A Bizarre Reason

Holly Willoughby Wears Shoes During Sex For A Bizarre Reason

You’ve seen Celebrity Juice, right? So you’ll know that some of the questions and answers on the show are a bit NSFW. Well, guess what? It seems one of the show’s regulars, Holly Willoughby, doesn’t need Keith Lemon’s prompts to offer up some banter about her bedroom antics.

The This Morning presenter, 37, has previously lifted the lid on her self-confessed ‘kinky’ escapades… Hang on, it’s all starting to feel a bit ‘naughty seaside postcard’ this, isn’t it?

Anyway, turns out she also likes to try out new shoes while ‘in the boudoir’ – because it’s the best way to break them in, apparently. Hang on, what?

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Sounds like a good way to potentially wreck a brand new pair of shoes or get footprints all over your sheets, if you ask me. Which you didn’t, but still.

This ‘shocking revelation’ (this phrase brought to you by every hack journo who’s ever been happy to pretend to be shocked by something relatively innocuous – you’re welcome) actually emerged in an interview back in 2009. Sounds about right – I mean, we were all shocked so much more easily back then, weren’t we? Such an innocent time. SHOCKED, I tell you. #shocked

As reported by the Mirror, Holly said: “I love wearing new shoes during sex – and not just because it’s kinky.”

‘Kinky’. We’re back on the rude postcards here, folks.

She continued: “I’m not a foot fetishist or anything, and I do enjoy saucy games with my hubby” – Hang on, did she really say that? Who the fuck talks like this? – “but I have found the best way to break in new shoes is to wear them during sex.

“It’s become a sort of rule whenever I get a new pair of shoes. I always wear them in the bedroom – during the sex act – before I take them outside.

“Every girl loves a new pair of six-inch heels and I’m no different.”

She opened up further – whoops, still on the postcard lingo here, sorry – in an interview with Look magazine, where she confessed she feels sexiest when she’s having sex. Sounds legit, to be fair.

Holly met husband Dan when they were working on kids’ TV show Ministry of Mayhem, and they went on to get married in 2007. Wonder if they could have possibly guessed back then that one day she’d be sharing details of her bedroom footwear adventures?

Just think, a few minutes ago you knew nothing about this and merely had to guess at how Holly Willoughby broke in new shoes – and, indeed, whether she used words like ‘saucy’ and ‘kinky’. This truly is a golden age of celebrity tittle-tattle, friends.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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