England Fans Are Well Up For A Euro 2020 Qualification Trip To Prague


Now, for the big sports news of the day. No, silly, it’s not Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder – it is, of course, the news that the qualification groups for Euro 2020 have been drawn this morning.

OK, so it’s maybe not that seismic, but there is good news if you’re an England fan. England have been drawn alongside Kosovo, Montenegro, Bulgaria, and Czechia.

That last one – Czechia, the artists formerly known as the Czech Republic – has set the pulses of England fans racing as it means that they can all start packing their bags for stag do central destination, Prague.

England football fans. Credit: PA
England football fans. Credit: PA

Several thousand England fans in a foreign capital city surrounded by unbelievably cheap booze? What could possibly go wrong?

Either way, Gareth Southgate’s travelling army are already all over Twitter expressing their delight at the draw and the possibility of their weekend city break to Prague.

Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter

Aye right, it’ll be quiet. As long as the locals can put up with that dreadful Gareth Southgate/Atomic Kitten abomination for two whole days and nights.

It’s worth also bearing in mind that trips to Podgorica, Sofia, and Pristina will probably also provide ample opportunity for drinking cheap Pilsner, but Prague is the spiritual home of that sort of behaviour (well, apart from Plzen) and it seems England fans simply can’t wait.

Not everyone is so keen on the idea, though:

Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter

Yep. Sounds like it.

Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter

It remains to be seen whether the England fans can behave themselves on their travels, but we can only hope that they spend their time checking out Prague’s unique gothic architecture rather than drinking premium strength beer in squares and antagonising the locals.

We can dream…

Featured Image Credit: PA

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