Dwayne Johnson Says He ‘Can’t Un-see’ John Krasinski’s Naked Gym Selfie

Dwayne Johnson Says He ‘Can’t Un-see’ John Krasinski’s Naked Gym Selfie

How is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson so bloody massive?

Well, he eats absolutely shit-loads of food and does absolutely shit-loads of working out. In order to get all that lifting done, while constantly flying around the world, the 46-year-old has his own travelling gym comprised of 40,000lbs of equipment.

So what would you do, given the chance to grace the People’s Champion’s ‘iron paradise’? Well, John Krasinski would whip all of his kit off and take some selfies, it transpires.

Appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the star of The Office (US) said he became so comfortable in the gym that he no longer felt the need for clothes.

He said: “I walked into the gym and it was like alien spaceships had landed – he has like 40 pieces of equipment that I’ve never seen in my life.

“As time went on I got more and more comfortable in the gym, we were just work out buddies.

“I send him pictures as I leave the gym, and I was like, ‘hey man, thanks for a great work out. Feeling real comfortable, real at home and didn’t feel like I needed to wear clothes’.

John Krasinski had some fun working out in Dwayne Johnson's gym in the nude. Credit: Ellentube
John Krasinski had some fun working out in Dwayne Johnson’s gym in the nude. Credit: Ellentube

“And he loves that! He loves when you get like really intimate sweat on all his equipment. This is a bad place to tell him that I never washed the equipment. I’ve never wiped it down – that’s his job.”

Hmmm, not sure about that John – more likely one of his massive crew will be taking a cloth to that crotch sweat. After all, Johnson has a lot of trolling to be getting on with, and while it is usually Kevin Hart who is the subject of his jibes, Krasinski’s nudies have not gone untrolled.

In a tweet, Johnson said: “I told when you use my gym, send me a pic of you getting after it. I soon realised he and I had two VERY different meanings of “getting after it”. Unfortunately, I can never un-see a naked Krasinski. (puke face emoji)”


But predictably, not everyone was repulsed by the Krasinski naked selfie.

One person tweeted: “I would be absolutely fine with never being able to un-see a naked Krasinski… Just saying.”

Another said: “I wish I COULD NEVER UNSEE A NAKED KRASINSKI you sir should consider yourself blessed at the opportunity!”

Meanwhile, Ellen was left wondering why she’s never been invited to Johnson’s gym.

In a tweet, she said: “You’ve never invited me to your gym and I send you nude photos all the time.”

Don’t we all, Ellen?

Featured Image Credit: Ellentube

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