Driver Smashes Into Three Cars Then Knocks Down Wall

Driver Smashes Into Three Cars Then Knocks Down Wall

While many of us reckon we’re pretty good drivers, we’ve all made a boo-boo here and there. Normally, though, that just means a little scratch on your paintwork after scraping past something you shouldn’t have.

But for one new driver, the damage was a little more extreme – having accidentally rammed into three cars before smashing into a wall in China.

The woman was a recently-qualified driver, who was trying to park her car in Xuancheng City in eastern China’s Anhui Province.

In the security camera footage, you can see as her car ploughs straight into three parked vehicles before coming to a stop in a parking space – having pushed another vehicle out of its spot completely.

Credit: Newsflare
Credit: Newsflare

After a brief pause, she then has a stab at reversing (c’mon, all of us find that a bit tricky from time to time), but suddenly goes whizzing straight into the wall behind her.

The wall then crumbles onto the car, almost engulfing it in rubble.

Thankfully, the woman only suffered ‘very minor’ injuries from the accident.

Baffled social media users on Weibo have criticised the new driver, saying that she probably shouldn’t be allowed to drive again.

One asked: “Did she honestly pass her road test?”

Another said: “I could feel the car screaming in pain!”

A third wrote: “Maybe the driver is drunk!”

Mind you, while her experience wasn’t exactly great, it’s still not quite as bad as the sticky situation one lorry driver found themself in recently.

The lorry was transporting several luxury cars, including some Range Rovers and Jaguars (thought to come in at around £65k and £30k, respectively) when it went under a particularly low bridge – ripping the roofs from some of the pricey vehicles.

Passer-by Gareth Ruddock, 40, said that he reckoned two of the cars were a ‘write-off’.

Ruddock said: “I was just there dropping my wife off at the station and I did a double take.

“There are some open-topped cars now.

“Some of them still had their plastic on, they must have been getting delivered. I just saw the aftermath.

“The police were there brushing up the bits and pieces which had broken off. The driver was there looking a bit unhappy.”

Credit: SWNS
Credit: SWNS

The dad-of-two continued: “Nobody was hurt but it wasn’t a good day for that fella.

“I think pretty much all the cars on the top were damaged, but as they got further back the damage was lesser.

“The first couple of cars must have been written off, or you would have to rebuild the entire car.”

Luckily, Police Scotland said no one was injured in the incident, though I imagine dealing with that mess can’t have been nice…

Featured Image Credit: Newsflare

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