Chinese Police Destroy $87.5 Million Worth of Fake Sneakers

Chinese Police Destroy $87.5 Million Worth of Fake Sneakers
FILE - In this March 27, 2001 file photo, Mike Costantino displays his pair of Converse

Grant Halverson/Associated Press

Chinese authorities reportedly destroyed $87.5 million worth of counterfeit shoes following a yearlong investigation.

Mike DeStefano of Sole Collector cited and noted police in the city of Bengbu were told in December 2015 that fake Converses were being produced and sold. Police discovered a factory within a month that had hundreds of people working on producing the counterfeit shoes. Authorities then launched an operation in December 2016.

The operation resulted in the arrest of four suspects, the destroying of nine production lines and the seizure of 500,000 pairs of Converse and Vans shoes, which officials then destroyed.

Additional ensuing raids in other areas led to the destruction of five more factories and the arrests of seven more suspects.

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