​Tommy Wiseau Plays The Joker In Spoof Version Of ‘The Dark Knight’

​Tommy Wiseau Plays The Joker In Spoof Version Of ‘The Dark Knight’

Just a few months back, cult film star Tommy Wiseau starred in a mock audition tape for the role of The Joker – and, actually, it wasn’t half bad.

In fact, it was so surprisingly convincing that many of his Twitter followers commented to say that they were sold, with one person writing: “I think you’d play a great Joker. I think if you could feed off the emotion of everyone telling that you can’t do it, you could be the best Joker yet.”

Many said that they would love to see him tackle the iconic role – and now he’s given the people what they want, having starred in his own spoof version of The Dark Knight for Nerdist.

In the clip, Wiseau – who is known for cult flop The Room, which inspired James Franco flick The Disaster Artistrecreates one of the most memorable scenes from The Dark Knight.

He’s joined by his co-star from The Room, Greg Sestero, who dons the black cape to play a very whispery, brooding Batman.

Wiseau’s Joker, on the other hand, is suitably cocky and brash, arms flailing as he lays into his masked rival across the table, before Batman switches things up a bit and starts beating him up against a wall.

It’s melodramatic as hell. It’s wonderful.

Credit: Nerdist/YouTube
Credit: Nerdist/YouTube

Many of his fans seem to agree on that, too, with one commenting on the YouTube video: “Wow that was actually pretty good in some parts he was better than Leto.”

Someone else added: “I know it’s played for laughs, but he’d actually be a great choice for the Joker. He’s got something broken and twisted about him that just works.”

A third said: “That’s actually really cool, Wiseau comes off as genuinely unhinged and manic. He REALLY doesn’t have a plan.

Another admitted: “Not gonna lie, I would watch this.

But while there was an outpouring of love for Wiseau, viewers were less enamoured with Sestero’s performance.

“Surprisingly batman was the weak link in this scene lmao,” one person said.

“Honestly. I was so surprised by how much I was enjoying him but Greg was kind of ruining it,” another wrote.

C’mon, guys – it’s called a spoof! They’re just having a bit of fun… Let the LADs play!

Featured Image Credit: Nerdist/PA

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