​Today Is The First Time Paul Chuckle Performs Without His Brother Barry

​Today Is The First Time Paul Chuckle Performs Without His Brother Barry

Paul Chuckle will be performing in pantomime for the first time without his brother Barry, having poignantly said he’ll be ‘doing Barry’s bits’ in the play.

Paul will be appearing in Cinderella, where he’ll be playing both his own part and his brother’s.

Filmed getting ready to tread the boards in his dressing room in Surrey, Paul told ITV: “It won’t be easy because this is my 52nd consecutive pantomime. We did our 51st last year and in 52 years I have never walked out on stage on my own, which I will be doing now. So that will be different and awesome. But I think it will work just fine.

“Funnily enough, yesterday my wife Sue came in to watch the rehearsal and she got really upset watching me having to do both parts rather than just doing my bit and Barry doing his. I was doing Barry’s bit and she felt for me, which I had not thought about ’til then. But she felt for me doing Barry’s bits as he did them.

“It was very hard obviously at first but this is life. It’s the end goal. We are all going to pass away at some date. It’s just that they took Barry too early for me. I’m over it more or less.

“And the funny thing he was never religious, Barry. He didn’t believe in afterlife, which I always have done, I always do. Since he has gone, almost every night I have a dream and Barry is in the dream, and I am sure he is coming back to say, ‘You were right, Paul.’

So he is there all the time with me, and he is still young.”

Barry, whose real name was Barry Elliot, passed away in August at the age of 73.

At the time, Paul said: “I’ve not just lost my brother, I’ve lost my theatrical partner of many, many years and my very best friend.”

No doubt Paul filling in for Barry in Cinderella will be the perfect tribute to his late brother. Sounds like he’s already got a standing ovation in the bag, if you ask me.

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