​Fortnite Battle Royale Introduces Rift-To-Go As New In-Game Item

​Fortnite Battle Royale Introduces Rift-To-Go As New In-Game Item

Epic Games has revealed a brand new Battle Royale item which is set to come with Fortnite‘s next update, and it’s based around teleportation.

As Season 5 players will know, “rifts” appeared all over the map as a result of Season 4’s rocket ending. Don’t know what that is? Read about it here.

Credit: Epic Games
Credit: Epic Games

Anyway, they allow your character to transport high into the sky so that you can either evade you enemy, get the better of them, or simply get to another location easier.

If used properly they can be a handy tool when pushing for that number one spot, and now Epic have decided to make a portable version for all your teleportation needs.

Credit: Epic Games
Credit: Epic Games

In the “New Updates” welcome screen a description reads: “Rift-To-Go – Coming Soon! A rift you can carry in your pocket, Teleport above your current location and glide down.”

For the first time, this new item will allow Fortnite players to shoot themselves into the air without needing to build or place down various pads.

Whether it will be as useful as you may think remains to be unseen – all your enemy has to do is shoot a little higher than before.

It will be great for when the storm is closing in, however, but in terms on combat it might be useless. If only you could shoot from you glider…

What do you think about this news? Are you looking forward to this new item? Do you think it’s a bad idea? Make sure you let us know.

Featured Image Credit: Epic Games

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